“Your Dreams Must Be Greater
Than Your Fears”

Four Easy Steps To A Healthy You

Beyond Health is your exclusive place to a healthier you. Your health is your wealth, taking a hold of it with a positive attitude and doing away with unhealthy things will definitely set you on the road to a better you. Here are four easy guiding steps to getting you going.

  • Distress your : Stress has been linked to so many sicknesses and diseases in our community today. A lot of people don’t even know how much stress level they have put upon themselves until they actually break down, You need to find ways to cut it down, and focus on one thing at a time depending on how much you can handle.
  • Be grateful : keeping a positive attitude will tune your mind to be grateful for the things that you have or wishing for. Think about the good things in your life, amazing events, good jobs, family and beautiful places you have been to, and the people you have met and who also has positive energy.
  • Quit smoking : Smoking to a lot of people is like a baby, they are very passionate about it, they consider it to be habit that is just part of living. Outside the risk for certain diseases, it ages the individual faster, and also affects the skin. Quiting smoking today is adding more years to where you are now.
  • Set daily or weekly goals : Write out what you want to do for the day or the week, though the daily goals are sometimes unachievable. Weekly goals are less stressful and easy to maintain. It is flexible to run with on a day to day, and also take record of what you where able to do and encourage your self for a good job well done.

Your Health, Your Business

As a business owner, I know the task of running and making sure that the job is done which most of the time if not properly handled can lead to serious stress that can harm the body. Though some people don’t see the need for resting because it’s their personal business, so, they get energized through various energy drinks and supplements rather than taking the ” Mine Time” off. This habit over time can lead to a serious breakdown which will make the business suffer as no one but you have access to them. Beyond health hostess Apostle Naomi Aderonke Egah, have put together some tips that will help you prepare ” Mine Time” from your own business time.

Tips on how to prepare ” Mine Time” from your business.

  • Sleep on Time : going to bed early has been said to have a positive effect on people.
  • keep moving : sitting down to work is very different and could be very tiring too, so, walk around every two hours to get a proper blood flow.
  • Learn to de-stress : stress is the leading cause of some many troubles today, take a little time to engage on various activities to help de-stress.
  • Meditation Time : it ‘s important to find time to meditate, this helps to train you on how to respond to experiences especially in difficult situations. it can help you focus on how to make choices that will bring better outcomes in your business.
  • Plan and follow a routine : Plan your time, follow step by step routines that will not wear you out.
  • Take Fluid : sitting and working for a long time without drinking enough fluid can cause dehydration, take out time intermittently to drink some fluid.
  • Love and give yourself a Treat : The most important thing in taking “Mine Time” from your business schedule is that you should Love yourself, give yourself a treat, finding time to do that will bring out the best in you.
  • Exercise : Take out time to stretch, do some yoga and general exercise that your body can tolerate and enjoy your business and daily live.