“Your Dreams Must Be Greater
Than Your Fears”

Your faith And Your Business

To so many people, it is a strange thing to say to them that their faith can impart their business or the business they already own. Here are few tips on how your faith could impart your business.

The word faith put people to a stop or better still throw them off when it is mentioned in the work place. faith irrespective of ant one’s religious believes has a lot of role to play in a work environment.

As a religious person, it helps you to maintain a lot of calmness when there is a tension, work effectively and also to tolerate others in every situation. Your faith helps you to avoid cheating on others, lying and down playing other subordinates or equal position staff member.

Faith has a way of motivating you and the work in front of you, it can dictate your values and views towards issues.

Faith helps to keep your manners in check towards others and can create a sense of credibility in your person.

Starting Your Own Business

When the word START comes up. It simply means the beginning of anything. Everything in one way or another has a starting point so is also business, people wake up with different ideas of what they want started, either it’s a job, lifestyle changes or a career, but today our focus is on how to start your own business. Following this simple tips might just be the gate way to the success of that idea.

Why: Many people after graduation from school or after learning a skill, gets into the labor market to find a job and an employer who will place them on a steady income irrespective of the salary offered to them. But, After a period of time they realize that they can actually put something together for themselves and start of theirs with the experience they might have gathered or from personal trainings they’ve given to themselves. A lot of people want to start this off because :

  • They want to be their own boss.
  • They want to have time for their family and also to be able to attend programs that will upgrade them.
  • They want to be able to put into action creative ideas that comes to them without been questioned or screened.
  • They want to impact others by creating job opportunities for them.
  • They want to save on their yearly income tax.
  • They will like to meet other business entrepreneurs.
  • They want to network and know the new trends of the day.